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A pet bed in a chest of drawers

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

You can see here how to create a nice and comfortable pet bed and hide it in a drawer.

A bedside ramp

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

To facilitate access to the bed for your elderly dog, you can easily make a ramp like this.

Frozen muffins

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Frozen dog muffins can be made in a few minutes. Check out the recipe here.

An ice cake

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Your dog will thank you for preparing an ice cake with toys inside to beat the summer heat. Follow the instructions to make the same one.

Banana bones

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Learn how to cook these delicious banana bones for your furry friends here.

Crispy pretzels

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Any dog will love these crispy pretzels that you can easily make at home.

A meat cake

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Surprise your pet on their birthday with a great cake like this. Click here to get the recipe.

Dried treats

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

It’s really easy to make these tasty and healthy vegetarian delicacies for your pets. Check out this blog to see the recipe.

A rope ball

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

This handmade toy is a worthy alternative to an expensive store-bought one. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

A soft toy bottle

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Even a kid can make a funny toy with treats inside like this. Click here for more details.

A braided T-shirt rope

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

It’s known that dogs love to play tug-of-war. You can easily make a toy like this using your old T-shirts and tennis balls.

A toy with a surprise

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Any dog will be happy to get a toy with a small tasty surprise inside. Check out this blog to see how to make it.

Paw balm

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

To protect the pads on your pet’s paws, apply moisturizing cream or balm on them in cold weather or summer heat. Click here for more details.

A first aid kit

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Every dog owner should have a first aid kit in case of an emergency. Click here to learn what to put in such a box.

Pet toothpaste

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

Don’t forget to care for your pet’s teeth. Check out this blog to learn how to make a great refreshing toothpaste.

A vintage dog collar

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

No need to spend money to get a stylish leather collar for your dog. Check out the instructions with photos to make one yourself.

Dry shampoo

23 awesome handmade items your dog will fall in love with

If your dog gets a bit dirty, there is no need to wash him completely. Just use this dry shampoo that you can easily make at home.


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